david scheirer

I am a painter and freelance illustrator. I primarily work in watercolors. My work is inspired my nature, animals, and my love of the outdoors.

I enjoy painting in a realistic and traditionally based watercolor technique. I enjoy painting birds, feathers, botanicals, seashore finds, and quirky still lifes.

My other work includes whimsical illustrations. Drawn with ink and watercolor, they are often imaginative scenes of animals and oceans.


  1. Hello David
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time and enjoying looking at your paintings and illustrations.

    I wondered if you would mind answering a few questions about your work, in a sort of "informational interview" via email? I have posted some questions below.

    Thank you so much in advance for your time! I know you must be very busy, so I appreciate your response, even a quick one.

    Darlene Williamson

    Interview questions:
    1) How did you settle on working in this particular medium?
    2) Were there other competing loves that you had? Photography? Sculpture?
    3) How did you narrow down your selection? Do you have any advice on someone trying to make this decision for themselves?
    4) Did you know when you chose this medium that it had the potential to turn into a successful business model for you? The way that a fine art photographer chooses wedding photography because of the potential to make a living at it? Or was it a hobby that grew into something more?
    5) If you don't mind my asking, are you able to support yourself full time with this work? If so, how long did you work on projects on the side before this was a reality? If not, do you foresee that happening?
    6) Is there anything I have forgotten to ask that I should?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Darlene,
      Thanks for your interest! Sure, I'd be happy to. Would you like me to email the answers to you? Feel free to email me at david@studiotuesday.com so I have your email.


  2. Hello there, I stumbled across you amazingly adorable art. I was wondering if you sell digital copies? I'm moving to Africa and I am working with poverty alleviation through job creation. One of the things we do is send updates to supporters. Many of our supporters have children and we are sending them their own newsletter with stories of kids in African, but Im looking to create a nice template. NOT something with poverty pornography! We are working in Uganda and they are beautiful people in a beautiful country. I would love to use your images in my template. Would you be interested in selling digital formate? thank you Debbie Nutzmann~