Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday I went fossil hunting/beach combing. Found some decent sea glass and my first not broken crocodile tooth (bottom center) - a little small, but still very cool! Found a fair amount of shark teeth also but nothing especially big. Saw a few snakes and a TINY baby snapping turtle the size of a beetle. Also managed to stop the beginnings of a forest fire from someones poorly disposed of camp fire.


  1. Your prints floor me, I love 'em. with that out of the way, I wish I lived near a beach. My mom lives about 10 minutes from one and there's just something special about the ocean. Landlocked here in the mid west, I'm out of luck :)

  2. Hi David,
    I found you at Etsy & I'm now following. Come visit me!

  3. Checking in on you.. A fan from way back in the Tuesday comic days.
    Having a baby and playing with fire.. God knows there are some things that certain people should be completely banned from doing.
    Also commenting on Youtube.