Saturday, August 20, 2011

Troublesome Owl Illustrations

My new project over at is going well. Slow, but steady. Owls, i've found, are fairly difficult to draw. Here are two new illustrations.

After I thought this illustration was finished (but not completely happy with it) it sat for over a month before I picked it up again and reworked parts of it. I think it's one of my favorites now, I'm especially happy with the depth and color.

The Great Grey Owl was tough to figure out how to draw in this style. But otherwise this one went smoothly. I started watercoloring this piece not exactly knowing what I wanted it to look like - usually this means I would be starting it over. After a few light washes I liked how it looked and quit. The snow added the rest. Sometimes spatter, texture, and weather can make or break the illustration.

Also a new shop!

An extension of my main Etsy shop, this one is for all my owls.


  1. Love the owl in the tree - the painting does have great depth!

  2. These are lovely! Owlies are the sweetest!

  3. Owl in the tree--great atmosphere. Inspiring work all around. Glad to find it

  4. Glad you found it as well! Thanks!