Saturday, September 22, 2012

Exploring a foggy Maine island

Some images from my trip to Maine this year. These are from Hog Island in the Muscongus Bay. We stayed at the Audubon camp on the island for several days.

Beautiful fog the first couple days. Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Eiders, Loons, and Guillemots.

As usual, spent lots of time exploring the beaches and tidal zones.

Lobster boat from Bremen going out to work.
Below - moss, lichen, and old man's beard everywhere.

We also found wild Orchids. I've wanted to see them in the wild since I became interested in plants, so seeing these was a highlight. I didn't even know they grew this far north.


  1. These wild orchids grow in Canada, too - there are plenty in Nova Scotia, where I grew up. These orchids are called Ladyslippers. :) You've found a very beautiful bunch of them!! Lovely photo.

    1. Thanks, That's so cool! It was a really neat surprise finding them.