Sunday, July 31, 2011

Puffin Colony and Ocean illustrations

A new puffin illustration. Watercolor and ink. Drawn after my visit to Maine and the Puffin colonies. This one in particular was inspired by my trip out to Matinicus Rock, one of the Puffin nesting islands.

We spent about 10 hours out on boats this day. First on a ferry to Vinalhaven, an island populated by mostly fishermen, and then on a lobster boat, which dropped off supplies and researchers at two of the Puffin islands. I was lucky enough to go ashore on Matinicus Rock and view the Puffins and Terns nesting there (and climb the lighthouse). The illustration was inspired by how the Puffins would gather together in little groups. I never knew they huddled so close together.

Also, here are two commissions that were a lot of fun to draw. Deep and Shallow Ocean Scenes.

Deep Ocean: Vampire Squid, Angler Fish, Eel, Plankton, and various Jellyfish

Shallow Sea: Octopus, Nautilus, Seahorses, Coral, Crabs, Anemones, Jellyfish, Starfish, Seaweed, and Fish


  1. every time a new post comes out from you....I simply smile. Beautiful art and so fun. keep up the posts!

  2. Love the puffins, such a cheerful illustration.
    And your blog is a treat for the eyes, so I'm now following ! xx

  3. Absolutely adorable!! And I LOVE those sea creatures...I'm a watercolor-er myself, and I'm curious, what kind of pens do you use?

  4. Thanks Joa! I use Faber-Castell pens (it says PITT artist pen on it). They use Indian ink, so they are waterproof once it dries. They sell them individually and also in a 4 pack that I like to buy with different sizes.

  5. I found this post through CraftGawker and immediately clicked through all your posts! Your art is absolutely beautiful, and I am so glad I stumbled across your blog!

    1. Glad you found me! Thanks for the comments.