Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maine Trip - Wildlife and sea birds

Saw a lot of great wildlife in Maine. Which included Puffins of course.

We visited 3 islands where they nest. The pictures above were taken on Matinicus Rock where I got to go ashore for a bit. This day we spent 8 hours on ferries and a lobster boat - a very fun adventure.

Also saw a lot of other cool seabirds, including this Murre (below).

Other fun wildlife included Seals, Minks, Loons, Eagles, Razorbills, Petrels, Cormorants, and Eiders.

Arctic Terns nesting on Matinicus Rock. Below is the baby tern i got to hold.


  1. I had no idea there were Puffins in Maine! Love the photos! Thank you for sharing some of your trip with us! :)

  2. this is wonderful. i enjoy your work & blog very much by the way :)

  3. Thanks!

    The Puffins in Maine were almost all killed off in the late 1800s. I actually met the guy who reintroduced them to Maine. Project Puffin was created to protect them and restore them to their old nesting islands. It was very neat to learn about.

    Half the sales from my show at the Project Puffin center go to their program.